We rode a train 2 hours from Stuttgart to Munich on a Monday morning. Oktoberfest draws millions of visitors over its 17-day run, so we went on a weekday to avoid the crowds. The city of Munich thoughtfully marked the directions for us on the sidewalk from the train station. We followed these signs, and also followed everyone wearing dirndls and lederhosen.

Oktoberfest directional sign on pavement
Sidewalk Signs

Wooden pillars are hung with huge garlands of hops, and Aloisius, the guardian angel of the tent, floats at ceiling level on a fluffy white cloud, playing a harp.

Garlands of hops on wooden beams
Guardian Angel decoration at Oktoberfest

The servers are working hard, and full of smiles. We hear that they can make €800 – 1000 / day. But, they must be able to carry 10 of these liters of beer from one end of the tent to the other, speak multiple languages and have a lot of patience!

Smiling Oktoberfest waitress with 5 large beers
Oktoberfest Smiles

It was an epic day at a special event, filled with fun and happy people. We had a great time both with our group of friends, and the new friends we met from England, Scotland, and all around Germany. A festive atmosphere, beers, chicken, pretzels, singing and dancing. It was a fabulous day out.

Hofbräu Tent at Oktoberfest, full of people


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