Spooky Europe

Europe is full of many dark and haunting tales, both true and fictional. From the story of Vlad Dracula, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s character Count Dracula, to the many tales of castle hauntings. It may be all the Agatha Christie stories we’ve read, or all the dark, macabre statues and cemeteries that we’ve seen, that make us see mysteries wherever we go while traveling in spooky Europe.

Going on a Ghost Walking Tour in Prague and having pints in a haunted pub gives us a feeling of the history, horrors, and mysterious happenings all over Europe. Bats and skulls decorate both cemeteries and cathedrals. Some are whimsical, and some are dark and scary. Here are some of our favorite spooky photos so far from our travels.

Hooded statue

Hooded Giordano Bruno Statue
in Italy

Skull carving on building

Creepy Skull
in Austria

Brightened Caterpillar

Creeping Caterpillar
in Germany

Pumpkin face art

Spooky Pumpkin Carving
in Germany

Castle in trees with dark clouds
Black cat at a gravestone

A Black Cat visits a Cemetery
in Romania

Skulls, candles, treasure boxes decor
Empty husk statue

Spooky Sculpture
in Austria

Huge spider web

Huge Spiderweb
in Germany

Doll hiding in corner

Very Spooky Doll

Carved Bat

Spooky Bat
in Germany

Faceless men carved in stone

Faceless Men

Clown doll on window sill, girl doll is trapped behind shutter

Evil Clown Doll
in France

Bran Castle at night in spooky Europe
Bran Castle,
inspiration for the setting
of the Gothic novel Dracula

Lastly …
A Haunted Irish Pub
with Dark and Mysterious Guinness

Happy Halloween!

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