Farm to Table

It’s easy to know where your food comes from in Europe. The grocery stores must label produce with country of origin. The plethora of markets, butcher shops and bakeries lends to very easy farm-to-table, both at home and in the restaurants. Farm to Table is a way of life in Europe.

The animals and poultry we see at the farms all around us in Germany is also what we see at the stores: goose, duck, chicken, and pork are all very accessible, while we don’t see many cows, or much beef. There is a farm near us in Germany where we see sweet little goslings in the spring. By fall they have grown into big, plump geese. They are ready for Christmas dinner in December.

What we see around Europe is that people live and work in large cities, but much of the land is kept for farming purposes. Villages are kept small, and surrounded by fields. Agriculture is more important than building up suburban areas or putting condos on a random piece of land. The quaint villages and beautiful fields in rolling hills is part of the charm of Europe.

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