Lake Zurich

Traveling with a friend, we jumped on a train on a Friday evening in November for a 3-hour journey to Zurich. With sandwiches, wine, and great conversation, we arrived in no time at all.

Pint glass of Guinness

We were all eventually let in and found that it was a nightclub at this time of night. Not only dark, with disco lights and dancing, but also packed with people. We got our drinks at the bar and were lucky to find a table away from the crazy dancing. It was fun people-watching, but the late night scene was not the Irish pub atmosphere we really like.

Saturday morning, we picked up coffee and croissants from a café, and planned our day of fun. After a ten minute walk through the city to Lake Zurich, surprise! A stunningly large, gorgeous lake with many boats, and snowy Alps framing the background. Just beautiful.

Lake Zurich with boats, church and mountains in background
Lake Zurich

After exploring the gorgeous lake, we followed the river to the Old Town. A very picturesque area with medieval buildings, and a wedding party out having their photos taken. We visited the Lindt chocolate shop in Old Town, what a fun event. The shop features a chocolate waterfall running under the stairs from the second story. It is a wonderful place to pick up yummy souvenirs and take some photos.

Zurich Old Town and Limmat River
Old Town and Limmat River
Pot of Fondue surrounded by plates of food for dipping: pieces of chicken, vegetables, and bread
Cheese Fondue

Sunday morning, we just had time for breakfast before our scenic ride back to Stuttgart. We loved the fondue and the Irish pubs, all in all a quick and fun weekend in Zurich.


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