4 Best Tours in Dublin

Full Irish Breakfast with sausages, puddings, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, and toast
Full Irish Breakfast at Wren Urban Nest

4 Best Tours in Dublin

The Book of Kells is an ancient tome from 800 AD, an illustrated gospel in Latin, created by Monks, very elaborate and intricate. Amazingly preserved, one of the oldest known writings in Ireland. We got a glimpse of the Book of Kells, housed in a small room with tight security, and no photos allowed. The real win from this tour was seeing the Long Hall, an impressive library with a collection of books that look like they have been around since writing itself. We felt the enormity of the room even though the Long Hall was also crowded, it is an impressive space. The Hall also houses the oldest harp in Ireland, an artifact from the 15th century. Worth seeing.

A tour of the story of uisce beatha (pronounced ishka baha), the water of life, whiskey. This was a fantastic tour, with unique technology that manages to capture the feelings and times over the last 300 years. The history of John Jameson is intertwined with the history of Dublin and Ireland.

Our tour guide was fun and energetic, a proud representative of the organization. He showed each step of the whiskey making process and took us through a tasting of three types of Jameson.

Afterward, we were treated to a free drink at the bar.

Jameson Whiskey bottle with beakers showing different ages of whiskeys

Jameson Whiskey Tour

Guinness Nitro Coffee Stout at the Open Gate Brewery
Nitro Coffee Stout at Guinness Open Gate Brewery

These are 4 fantastic tours in Dublin, and although it’s tough to beat the Jameson tour, both of us liked the Kilmainham Jail tour the best. We highly recommend all of these.


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