Hamburg Fish Festival

Contrary to the title, this festival is not in Hamburg. There is a group from Hamburg that travels around Germany and Switzerland all summer with their colorful drinks and food carts. They bring fresh fish in from the North Sea daily for the festival. What a special treat for these landlocked areas. For two weeks they set up quite a party at a shady square in Stuttgart Mitte.

Food and drink carts , elaborately decorated, line this main square in Stuttgart. Fairy lights decorate the umbrellas and trees. There is a full-sized boat, which also serves as a drinks cart, in the middle of the square. All in all, the area transforms into a maritime party. Everyone is eager to sit outside and enjoy the weather and treasures from the sea. Entrance is free, and there is plenty of seating provided. Families pack the square day and night. Even when it gets crowded, no one minds squeezing in at the community picnic tables.

Festive orange drinks, whole pineapples, and colorful bottles
Drinks Cart
Rob and Barbara smiling and holding draft Jever beers


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