Champagne in Paris

When you have a fabulous friend who wants to celebrate a birthday in Paris, and you are only a 3 ½ hour train ride away, of course you go. We boarded a train on a Friday evening to spend the last weekend in February taking in both impressive and macabre sights, and drinking champagne in Paris.

Our Airbnb was well priced and in a perfect location in the 3rd Arrondissement for walking to many of the main sights around Paris. Additionally, the neighborhood is full of cafes, restaurants, and bars in quaint and narrow streets.

What a special experience to try champagne from a pioneering family of this method.

Champagne poured by waitress

Saturday was the day of the Birthday, day of fun. We toured the Louvre early, a wonderful museum experience, so many treasures and never enough time to see everything.

Our next tour, seeing the Catacombs of Paris, was quite a different experience. In the late 1700’s, contents of cemeteries believed to be causing health issues in the capital were moved into old quarries. The tour winds for an hour through tunnels lined with bones and skulls of the dead, 20 meters underground. It is fascinating that this is open to the public and has been since 1809. This tour is ghoulish and macabre. We highly recommend.


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