Christmas Markets of 2022

Miniature Village
Christmas Village with Train

Organizers and vendors go all out for these Christmas Markets, the stalls are really a sight to behold. Germany specializes in wonderful Christmas handmade crafts, and there are plenty of these to admire and buy. In addition, cool lanterns, wooden or stuffed animals, and assorted antique treasures decorate the stalls. Even though the crafts for sale are amazing, we always really want to buy the stall decorations.

A variety of foods available includes brats, game meats such as venison and boar, currywurst, mushrooms, breads, roasted chestnuts, and plenty of sweet choices with crepes, cinnamon funnel pastries, and candied almonds. Also, a must-try is the Glühwein, a mulled red wine. Another traditional German Christmas drink is the hot Apfelwein, which is like a hot apple cider with spices.

Nativity Scene
Nativity Scene

The Christmas Markets are fun for everyone, they’re good for the economy, and they begin the season by helping everyone get into the Christmas spirit. We’re very happy to see the Christmas Markets of 2022 here in Germany.

Rob and Barbara smiling under fairy lights

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