Algarve Portugal Holiday

Retirement may not be in the near future, but visiting the coast of Portugal makes us want a condo on the beach someday. The Algarve region, on the southern coast, is highly rated as a place to retire. It’s known for its great weather, beaches, golfing, great food, and friendly people. There is a good airport in Faro, and most of the locals speak English. Curious to see it all, we decided to investigate by taking a sunny Algarve holiday.

Sandy beach with umbrellas
Tiki Umbrellas at the Beach
  • Rock formations with blue-green ocean
  • Beach with rock formation
  • Sandy beach with blue and white umbrellas
  • Cactus with Atlantic Ocean in background
  • Rob and Barbara on Beach
  • Sweep of a beach against cliffs
  • Small sailboat entering harbor
  • Blue Atlantic Ocean
  • Rock Formations and Blue Green Water
  • Promontory with seagull
  • Rock formations on beach
  • Rock formation in blue-green waters
  • Castle walls
  • Ancient church
  • Town square
  • Storks in small trees
  • White building with red tiled roofs
  • Boats in harbor
  • Rob and a seagull

The town of Alvor has quaint twisty streets full of life with shops, restaurants, pubs, and people out having a great time. Walking through the narrow streets you can still get a feel for the history of the place as a sleepy fishing village.

We all went to an excellent dinner at Ruccula, a restaurant with gorgeous views out over the water. Both the food and service are outstanding.

Harbor with big clouds and sunset
Views from dinner at Ruccula

In addition, Alvor holds more than enough Irish Pubs for a proper pub crawl. Definitely a sign of a strong expat community, and of course the visiting tourists.

The Parlour Irish Bar is super fun. They serve food along with a perfect pint of Guinness and some really good wines. Everyone in town seemed to know Rob’s family, they welcomed us all in everywhere we went.

Perfect pint of Guinness

Not only is the Algarve area full of nature and fun, but it also includes a magical place. Cape St. Vincent and Sagres Point make up a promontory which is the most south-westerly point of mainland Europe. At one point, this area was the End of the Known World. Wild ocean waves hit the bottoms of high cliffs, and the wind is intense. The Algarve is popular with surfers, with the Atlantic Ocean on both its west and south coast, providing waves every day of the year.

Promontory with deep blue ocean
“End of the World

Our Algarve Portugal holiday was so relaxing. We soaked in some sun while enjoying spending time with fun people, in a beautiful setting. We cannot say enough how astonishingly beautiful this area is. Happy to have seen it, and very happy to have connected with the family. We’re definitely not ruling this out as a possible place to retire.

Rob and Barbara on promontory


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