Food Photography in London

London is a fabulous city to visit any time of year, and a very magical place at Christmastime. Rob signed up for a 3-day Food Photography course at Le Cordon Bleu’s London location in December. In addition to all the wonderful experiences in this grand city, it has a festive feel with all the decorations and lights, families pouring into theaters, and happy groups out for their holiday parties. England fans packed the pubs to watch the football match as well. When we go to this part of the world, we also have the bonus of seeing Rob’s family in London and Nottingham, which is always super special.

Food Photography

We went to London for Rob to take a 3-day course in Food Photography at Le Cordon Bleu.

Unfortunately, when he showed up for the first day, he found it was cancelled. What a disappointment! The instructors could not get to London from Scotland due to weather issues with planes, and a train strike.

Undeterred, Rob decided to assign himself food photography tasks as we toured around London for the week.

Rob with head on arm in disappointment

Sights in London

Singer and Guitar player at the corner
Sam Ryder Band

There is so much to see and do in London. We walked for miles in the cold air, foggy in the mornings and very crisp and cold at night, seeing sights and loving being in a wonderful big city.

Thames River with lit up skyscrapers
London Views from the Thames

Pubs in London

Rob and Barbara at train station
St Pancras Train Station


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