German Wine Country: Mini Adventures

My Many Mini Adventures: The Story of Shamrock the Mini
First stop in German Wine Country, by Rocky Shamrock

The Beginning

Shamrock, or Rocky for short, a British Racing Green Mini Countryman, was ready to hit the open road. After being a dealer car for a few months, being loaned out to zip around until other cars were fixed, Rocky was ready for more. He was purchased by an American couple that promised future trips around his homeland of Germany, and maybe even further.

Green Mini in small garage
Rocky in the Garage

Rocky wasn’t a commuter car. He wasn’t going to be running errands to the grocery store or to work each day. No, Rocky was the couple’s ticket to freedom. The freedom to travel the roads of Germany, to see the sites and cities that they couldn’t get to from a train or bus. Rocky was special and would be there when they wanted to visit special places.

German Wine Country

To celebrate the New Year of 2023, the couple decided to take a trip to Udenheim, a small village in German wine country. Rocky was fueled up and ready to go. After packing what Rocky thought was an unnecessary amount of luggage in the boot, they took off on the highway, zipping through the countryside with the occasional stop for WC breaks and picnics until they reached their destination.

Wine Country and Village
Udenheim Views

When it was time to leave, it was Rocky’s time to shine. The couple wanted to take some back roads, so Rocky mapped a route home through quaint little German villages. When the couple got hungry, Rocky found a little pull-off so the couple could have a picnic.

Rob and Barbara sitting in boot of Mini with picnic
Picnic at the Trail

After lunch the couple was ready to get back home, so Rocky routed to the Autobahn. Most people think there is no speed limit but that is only in certain stretches and those stretches were the ones that Rocky liked the most. When he got on the Autobahn, he saw big trucks and all kinds of other cars. It was always fun for Rocky to see all the other Minis on the road.

On the way home, Rocky heard his couple talking about future trips with friends and possible upgrades like a luggage carrier to free up space in the boot. This year will be full of many Mini Adventures. Back home in his garage, Rocky had lots to look forward to in the New Year.

Mini in German Wine Country
Rocky in the Vineyard

Happy New Year!

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