Danish Pastry with the Danes

We made vanilla custard danishes, braids, cinnamon snails, and our favorite, the frøsnapper – pastry twists with black poppy seeds and white sesame seeds – the perfect amount of sweetness.

The best “pro tip” we learned is about the dough. You should use wheat flour, but all-purpose organic flour is too weak, and bread flour is too strong. So, the recommendation is to experiment with mixing both types of flour. Use a higher percentage of bread flour if it was easy to roll out the dough and pastries end up flat. Or, use more all-purpose flour if the dough was extremely difficult to roll out.

This class is a great way to spend a morning in Copenhagen, and, what a sweet bonus, you leave with all the pastries you make. We can’t recommend this experience enough.

Glad Bagning!

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