Touring Germany: The Black Forest

Germany's largest waterfall

Overall, the green of the trees, rushing water, and red-tiled roofs in town make for a fairytale setting. In fact, the Grimm brothers set most of their tales in the Black Forest. This region reminds us of north Georgia in the US, specifically the German-themed town of Helen. The views on the hike up to and around the waterfall are amazing.

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake
Largest Cuckoo Clock in mountain setting
World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock

Germany’s largest birds of prey and owl park is in Triberg, and is well worth the visit for the Owl and/or the Flight shows in the afternoons. They are generally open Tuesdays – Sundays, with the Owl show at 2:00 pm and the Flight Show at 4:00 pm. Both the owls, and the eagles, hawks, and falcons, as well as their falconers, put on a wonderful show with these raptors flying right over the audience’s heads. The falconers share interesting and entertaining tales both in German and English, all in a beautiful setting in nature.

Village built up a mountain

From hiking to cuckoo clocks and amazing scenery everywhere, we recommend a trip to Triberg in the Black Forest. It’s a nice get-away, offering something different from the cities and cathedrals of Germany.

Rob and Barbara at Waterfall


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