Helsinki for a Day

On the deck of the ferry
On the Ferry Deck


Once we docked at Helsinki, it was a 20 minute walk or 4 minutes cab ride to Market Square. Since we were meeting up with a friend, we took the cab ride for €10. Market Square, right on the bay, is a big outdoor market with room to walk around and browse the food and souvenir stands. The souvenirs here are quality, hand-made, unique items – we bought a few treasures here.

Pewter animal heads to hold drinking glasses
Treasures from Finland

Foods of Finland

From a food stand in Market Square, we had a unique and delicious lunch of Moose Meatballs, Reindeer Sausage, Vendace, vegetables, and potatoes. Vendace are small freshwater white fish, fried up whole, and they are an excellent treat. The Moose Meatballs was tender and delicious, while the Reindeer Sausage was just OK.

On the ferry ride back to Helsinki, dark storm clouds were gathering, rolling toward us in massive dark layers.

Harbor with Large and Small Ships and Dark Clouds

Sights of Helsinki

Back in Helsinki, the rain started down in buckets. Everyone was almost instantly drenched, including the Pride Parade that was energetically winding through the streets. We danced to the music alongside the Parade as we trekked through the crowds looking for shelter from the storm.

Green, gold, and red Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral
Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral

When we were ready to leave Helsinki, we were able to change our return ticket from 19:30 to a 16:30 ferry at the customer service desk at the port for a fee of €10 / person. It was a fun day outing in Helsinki.

On the ferry in rows of seats
Napping Chairs on the Ferry


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  1. Tanja Avatar

    I spent a few days in Helsinki this June and came across a Samba parade! It was great!

    1. Barbara Skinner Avatar

      Hi Tanja, how fun!!

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