Treasure Hunting in Germany

Sand Timer with Candle and Bread
Sand Timer, Candle, Rustic Bread
Treasures of Books and Whiskey Barrel
Treasure Map, Oil Lamp, Books, Rosary, and Wooden Barrels

Flea Market Finds

A fun game to play with friends is Flea Market Finds. A time limit and cost limit are set with the group, and then everyone separates around the square, scouting for “the best treasure.” When time is up, we go to brunch nearby and everyone reveals their treasure, and how much they paid for it. With some checking online for how much a similar item might go for on eBay, we see who won. There may also be bragging rights for the most unique item, even if it’s not the most precious.

Treasure Box with Key and Compass
Treasure Box, Key, and Compass
Treasure Hunting in Germany Map with Candles
Old map, lantern, fruit bowl

We love Treasure Hunting any time, any where, and here in Germany, we’ve definitely found some unique items to fill our treasure chest. Oooooh, we should be on the lookout for a treasure chest!

Treasure Hunting in Germany
Treasure Hunters

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