Fjords and Fish in Bergen, Norway

Bergen Wharf Cafes

A quick reminder that “all of Europe” goes on vacation in August. Stuttgart airport was extremely busy, and Frankfurt, always busy, missed listing our connecting flight on the board. No panic, we asked at a Lufthansa desk, and a representative told us our gate. He also calmly said, “You leave in a very short time, I would head directly to your gate.” Thank you to Hans for that advice, and we were quickly off to our connection.

Once we landed in Bergen, we followed a friend’s advice to buy snacks and wine at Duty Free, as prices in Norway are quite high. Indeed, we found that €13 would buy either a bottle of Italian wine at Duty Free or a glass of house red at a restaurant in town.

If you arrive late night and hungry in Bergen, we recommend heading to Bergen Pizza, the kebabs are delicious.

Nighttime with Bergen Wharf
Bergen Kebab
Bergen Wharf and Boats
Bergen Wharf

We met up with our friends who were powering through jet lag, and visited Bergen’s must-see attractions: the wharf, the fortress, the Fish Market, and taking the funicular up to the top of Mount Foyen. The colorful historic buildings at the wharf are now hotels, restaurants, and souvenir shops. There are not many café restaurants in town, which made sense, as we saw quick but heavy rain showers pop up each day. The Fortress is both very picturesque, and also free to explore.

The funicular is a fun outing, and the top of Mount Foyen has a playground, cafés, and a souvenir shop. You can rent a bike, or take a hike, there are trails and even a lake. And of course, there are amazing views of Bergen and the sea below. We took the funicular up, and followed the trail to walk down in a very pretty forest setting.

Fish and Seafood

Fishing has been a major industry for Bergen for over 1000 years, and you may easily see more boats on the water than cars on the road. There is nothing like fresh fish and seafood, and the Fish Market is fun to walk through to see its variety of seafood, including whale meat. You can eat lunch or dinner by purchasing at any of the stands, and then covered picnic table seating is provided.

There is also a sit-down café in the market, and seafood restaurants line the wharf. Souvenir stands and a highly recommended donut house are also in this area.

We ate a lot of wonderful seafood on this trip, with favorites being the Bergen fish soup, grilled octopus, and mussels. The whale steak was an interesting taste, it tasted a bit like game meat, and was not very fishy.

Fjord Boat Cruise

Once in the fjords, views of looming cliffs and waterfalls hundreds of feet high made for dramatic scenery. We imagined the amazement of the Vikings seeing these same cliffs. Nature is truly a wonder.

So Many Blonds

Looking for some Irish shade one afternoon, we visited Brian Boru’s Irish Pub. They offer small plates, and we really enjoyed both the fish and chips and ham toastie. And it is true, Norway is full of blonds, apparently including the Guinness.

The fjords and fish were a big hit on our visit to Bergen, Norway, but best of all was spending time with friends.

At Bergen Harbour

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