4 Countries in 4 Days

Map of Vaduz Liechtenstein tucked in between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
4 Countries in 4 Days Route

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

The fairy tale castle that inspired Walt Disney is a must-visit in Germany. We arrived at 09.30, and along with crowds of tourists, we hiked up to the castle, and then beyond it to Marienbrucke, Mary’s Bridge. The bridge stretches out over a gorge, and offers some of the best views of the castle.

Castle with many turrets
Neuschwanstein Castle

Parking for the castle is in the village of Hohenschwangau, which is full of shops and restaurants for tourists, while retaining its German charm. The yellow Hohenschwangau Castle, set on the shores of the Alpsee (alpine lake), is another beautiful sight. This is an ideal location to visit in Germany, with so much beauty, as well as many paths for biking and hiking.

Castle at an alpine lake
Hohenschwangau Castle

Innsbruck, Austria

We continued on our trip, driving south through hairpin turns of the scenic Alps. Innsbruck is tucked in an alpine valley, with the fast Inn River running through it, and views of mountains in all directions. It is beautiful in September, and the picture-postcard views in winter, with snow, must be amazing.

Always looking for Irish Pubs around the world, we found one right in Old Town. The walk into Limerick Bill’s Irish Pub looks and smells like walking into a dungeon, a bit musty and dark. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent Irish decor, atmosphere, and service once inside. This is definitely a fun place to pop into for a drink; cash only.

View from a mountaintop
Views from the Top of Innsbruck
Large brown bear
European Brown Bear


We left Innsbruck and went through more hairpin turns in the mountains, this time with no guard rails. There were also many tunnels, some several miles long, going through mountains. We reached our next stop in Liechtenstein, a small, beautiful country with many biking and hiking trails through rolling mountains.

Castle on the Hill
Vaduz Castle

The capital city, Vaduz, has a castle on a hill overlooking a tiny Old Town, which can all be seen in a day. It’s a nice walk up to the historic Red House, and this is a good spot for photos of the castle, the cathedral, and neighborhood vineyards. Additionally, there is an old covered bridge on the border with Switzerland just as you enter Vaduz that is very picturesque. Note, there are only a handful of cafés in Old Town, and on a Sunday in September, most were only open for lunch.

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Looping back north to home, we stopped in quaint, historic St. Gallen. Winding streets of half-timbered homes with painted murals and elaborate details lead to the cathedral and monastery, founded by St. Gall in the 600’s.

Tall narrow homes with flower boxes
St. Gallen

Once called “the memory of the world,” the monastery holds some of the oldest writings in Europe. The tour is very interesting, and a real highlight is the Abbey Library.

During the drive back to Germany, we decided to make one more stop, and have a lakeside picnic lunch at the Bodensee (Lake Constance).

Large lake

Our weekend travel included 4 countries in 4 days, and we never felt rushed. We enjoyed the tour, and are so thankful to have this opportunity to travel from our home base in Germany.

Picnic table with beer and wine and views

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  1. Tanja Avatar

    what a great tour! I’d love to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. You didn’t go inside? I’ve been to several towns in Austria but not to Innsbruck and I still have to visit Switzerland too. You could do Austria/Slovenia/Italy/Croatia/ tour next time in 4 days too:) quick stop in Austria, day in Slovenia, eg. Bled lake or Ljubljana, day in Italy (Trieste or Venice) and day in Istria, Croatia:)

    1. Barbara Skinner Avatar

      Hi Tanja, we love that idea, and what a great combination of countries! Thanks for the itinerary! 😊

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