Prague: A Top Favorite for a Weekend Visit

When we visited in October of 2021, a tour guide told us that they were at 40% capacity for tourists, the numbers were down due to Covid. It was very pleasant to be able to walk around not in a complete mass of tourists, but there were still a lot of people out and about at all times, everyone happy to be there.

Sights of Prague

Our favorite spot in Prague is the Charles Bridge. This pedestrian-only bridge is lined with tall haunting statues. Such a unique and unexpected sight, it has been featured in many spy novels and movies. Prague is an extremely photogenic city, and this bridge is a favorite with photographers both day and night. We saw a number of people with professional camera setups, including tripods.

Charles Bridge in Prague at Dawn
The Charles Bridge

The Old Town, with a large town square and a medieval Astronomical Clock on the Town Hall, is ringed with great café restaurants. The Astronomical Clock is fun to see in action – sit at a nearby café and watch for the show as the Twelve Apostles in the clock circle around on the top of the hour.

A short walk up the hill on the other side of the Vltava River there are spectacular views, as well as a castle and monastery. We took sunset photos from the hill of the city, the river, the many Cathedral spires. Afterwards, we enjoyed a golden Pilsner Urquell and sandwiches for dinner from a great perch on the hill with a views of rolling vineyards. Lots of people were out and about enjoying the sunshine even with 30-degree F temps.

View of Prague from the hill at the Strahov Monastery, includes red tile roofs, cathedral spires, rolling vineyards and park setting
View of Prague from the Monastery

There is so much to explore in Prague. Besides the big highlights of the Charles Bridge, the castle, monastery, and town square, we enjoyed wandering through many intriguing narrow cobblestone streets to find the Lennon Wall, beer gardens, artisan shops, and restaurants along the river.

Pubs and Food

The Three Fiddles Irish Pub chalkboard sign: Stop! Look at the hill ... you will need a Guinness first!
Picture of decor from the oldest pub in Prague: treasure boxes, old lantern, treasure, skull, candlelight.

We ate excellent local cuisine of Schnitzel, Mushroom & Potato soup, Roast Duck leg, and a mustard-based Potato Salad that was chock-full of celery, carrots, pickles, and apples.

What a fun personality Prague has! Good people, good beer, good times.

Rob and Barbara enjoying Pilsner Urquell beers at the oldest pub in Prague.

Na Zdraví!

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