Living Abroad: One Year and Counting

As of this week we have been living abroad one year. This year in Germany has flown by with plenty of ups and downs. We sat down and looked at what our One Year Report would say.

Covid restrictions, Russia’s war with Ukraine, and troubles with the airlines have not stopped us having a good time over the past year. We made it through a cold, rainy northern European winter. We’re almost through a hot European summer – although different than a hot Georgia summer – without Air Conditioning.

Overall, we are happy to be on this adventure. We have met wonderful new friends and enjoyed the challenges of European living. We have visited 15 different countries with unique experiences in each. Since our favorite part of living abroad is the travel, we put together our favorite travel photos from the year.

Living Abroad: One Year of Our Favorite Travels

Old scroll with ancient writing, lantern, skull, treasure boxes, candlestick, in dim candlelight in the oldest pub in Prague
Exploring Mysterious Prague

Medieval round gate house at night, dimly lit, in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Nightwatchman Walk in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Rob and Barbara at a beer tasting of Leffe beers in Bruges, Belgium; sitting outside at a covered cafe table, wearing winter hats
Beer Tasting in Bruges, Belgium

Delphi in Greece, view down to the rocky amphitheater, architectural remains, mountain, and blue sky
Visit to Greece, where the Olympics began

Rob and Barbara smiling and wearing paper party hats at the festively decorated Flaherty's Irish Pub in Barcelona
Festive Christmas Dinner in Barcelona at Flaherty’s Irish Pub

Fortress built onto a rocky hill, Croatian flag flying against a blue and puffy clouds sky, the bright green-blue Adriatic Sea waves rolling in on the rocky shore
Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Rob and Barbara wearing green hat and headband at the front of the parade line in Dublin on St Patrick's Day
Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland

A full table with a charcuterie plate, cheese plate, basket of bread, glass of red wine, in Strasbourg, France
Cheese Tasting in Strasbourg, France

Rob and Barbara dressed for a British wedding, Rob wearing a kilt of the black watch pattern, Barbara wearing a dress and fascinator hat
A Family Wedding in London

Golden rock formations against a brilliant blue ocean in The Algarve, Portugal, on a bright sunny day
Visiting Family in The Algarve, Portugal

Fields stretching in golden and green rows with trees and blue sky in the background, in southern France
Visiting Family in Southern France

Rob wearing a helmet, driving a silver Vespa, with the gorgeous green rolling hills of Tuscany in the background
Touring Italy with Friends

Mysterious Bran Castle, in Romania, grey with red roofing, built into a rocky hill, with a sunny blue sky behind it
Castle tour in Transylvania, Romania

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