Southern France

We look forward to every trip, travel is a great adventure. However, the trips that we look most forward to are the trips where we get to see family and/or friends. This week, we took a short trip to southern France to visit Rob’s cousin in a village outside of Toulouse. When people say, “It’s the journey, not the destination” they obviously haven’t been traveling in the summer of 2022. In today’s world the journey can be filled with cancellations, delays, standby seating and if you are lucky, you get to your destination.

We had one flight cancelled and another delayed which caused us to miss our connection. We were in Munich with the option of standing-by in case of any available seats on the afternoon flight. Luckily, the few hours of delay meant we could go to the pretzel peg board in the lounge, grab a beverage, sit down and regroup. We did finally make it to southern France on that afternoon flight.

Airline ticket highlighted with Standby

Rob’s cousin and her husband greeted us with hugs upon arrival. We had a wonderful catch-up as we took the scenic route to their home. We had just enough time to freshen up before our dinner reservations.

Dinner was at their local spot where they know everyone, and everyone knows them. Taking recommendations, we had cabbage soup served in a beautiful tureen, a fantastic warm goat cheese on a salad, grilled duck breast with chips and balsamic glazed endive, and a rice pudding for dessert. If the trip had ended after the meal, it would have been worth the trip. Even better, we had another day.

Open hearth at restaurant in a Village in southern France
Cooking on the hearth

The next day, we woke up early and went for a morning walk. We walked alongside rolling hills of cows and corn fields. The countryside is beautiful with fruit trees, blackberries, creeks and green everywhere. Lots of nature. We even saw a polecat! Mark that down as a first.

Saint-Bertrand de Comminges

Lunch plate with warm camembert cheese, small salad, prosciutto, and chips

Once we worked up a little hunger from walking around, we stopped at Chez Betty’s for a lunch of warm Camembert cheese, small salad, prosciutto, and chips. We even got to meet Betty and thank her profusely for the wonderful lunch. Then we were on our way to the cathedral.

We toured the extremely ornately decorated cathedral, full of intricate wood carvings and a pipe organ that was built in the 16th century. Afterwards, walking outside through the cloisters, the views of the fields and hills was breathtaking. We wandered back to the shuttle pickup spot, going into a few shops, and waiting while Rob took whatever photos caught his eye.

Carpe Diem

Not only touring through small villages on the way back to the house, but also the chats with our family were priceless. Arriving at the house, we got a viewing of a few of their vintage cars. We enjoyed a homemade dinner of ratatouille, with most of the ingredients coming from the garden, some sausage from the local butcher, and quinoa, while sitting out in the cool evening breezes by the pool in the backyard.

Sweeping views of the southern France landscape in July. Fields, trees, and mountains in the distance.
Southern France Countryside


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