11 Favorite Traditional Irish Pubs in Dublin

Then, for a wonderful and different experience, venture out in this super walkable city to find more traditional Pubs. Where you can relax with friends or meet new friends, chatting for hours over a pint or two. We walk into these 11 Favorite Irish Pubs and feel at home with their cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Where we can settle in to talk about anything and everything and have some laughs. Overall, two things all of our favorite Pubs in Dublin have in common is their history and outstanding Guinness pours.

Close up of Guinness Pours
Perfect Guinness Pours

Our 11 Favorite Pubs in Dublin

The Boar’s Head
A wonderful pub that a friend who is a “true Dub” introduced us to. The atmosphere and food are great, and the pints are perfect. A short walk from Jameson’s Distillery, if you want to combine a meal with the Whiskey Tasting Tour.

Mulligans Pub
Many nooks and snugs all around this pub, with bartenders always ready to pull your next pint as soon as they see your glass going empty.

The Long Hall
Which actually has a sign that says, “No children allowed at any time.” 😂 This Pub has been in business for over 250 years, the interior décor is from 1881.

Lincoln’s Inn
Near Trinity College and on the way to Aviva Stadium. A perfect place for food and pints before walking to your sporting event.

The Merry Cobbler
Located to one side of Aviva Stadium, a wonderful spot to have a pint with a great outdoor area and a friendly crowd.

Rob and Barbara at The Long Hall Irish Pub

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