Weekend in Venice

We spent a weekend in April 2022 in Venice, one of the most beautiful and magical cities in the world. The city is built on many small islands that are separated by canals, and joined together by over 400 quaint small bridges. It is amazing to think how the grand buildings were built, and how they remain, amongst all that water. In addition to all this beauty, the natural lighting is soft and dramatic, perfect for photography.

Grand Canal from weekend in Venice
The Grand Canal

It’s easy to feel the magic of Venice walking through the many small twisty streets, over quaint little bridges. There is no way not to get lost, but that is part of the fun. Venice is almost completely pedestrian-only and thank goodness, because there are a lot of visitors. Small shops offer treasures of handmade books and journals, carnival masks, and unique door knockers.

We quickly found our favorite local spot at Restaurant Anonimo Veneziano, a lovely small spot with great food, wine, and a relaxed atmosphere. Stepping in there was an instant relief from the crowds that constantly surround you in popular Venice. It was also easy to get a snack or quick lunch, with small bakeries and cafes selling pizza and cannoli.

Venetian Masks
Carnival Masks

Photo Tips

We found a wonderful spot to take photos at the Ponte dell’Accademia. This bridge spans the Grand Canal and there were much fewer people in this area. The moon was full, and the views spectacular.

Grand Canal in moonlight in weekend in Venice
The Grand Canal

Tourists crowd the famous Rialto Bridge and St. Mark’s Square most of the day. The famous Rialto Bridge spans the Grand Canal near the grandest historical homes. We went out very early one morning to take photos when there were few people out and about. It was a fun, eerie walk through Venice, with the lamplight reflecting in the dark water and our footsteps echoing back to us off the buildings.

St Mark's Basilica
St. Mark’s Basilica

Tours in Venice

We toured St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doges Palace, home to the famous Bridge of Sighs. Prisoners who passed through this covered bridge from the courtrooms to their cells were imagined to be sighing as they saw their last glimpse of Venice. With the sun shining and the happy, relaxed Italian atmosphere, sitting at a café table on St. Mark’s Square with a fruity Aperol Seltzer, listening to live piano music, makes for a perfect afternoon.

We spent one day touring both Murano and Burano Islands. Murano is the home to glass-blowing, and their shops sell many unique treasures made of Murano glass, from small items to elaborate chandeliers. Burano is known for its lace-making, and also its colorful homes and boats that make it so picturesque. We enjoyed a relaxing day seeing both of these islands, with time for a long lunch, tiramisu, and a coffee.

Irish Pub in Venice

Walking through Venice amongst crowds of tourists through narrow streets and across the little bridges is a challenge, but we persevered to find the small St. Lucia Irish Pub, with a proper Guinness pour. They also serve food, so we sat outside for lunch, enjoying the weather and no end of people-watching.

2 pints of Guinness
St. Lucia Irish Pub

Rob and Barbara smiling in water taxi

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