8 Great Things to Love in Germany

We’ve lived in Germany for a year now, and we’re ready to give our host nation a shout-out for doing these things really well. The following are our 8 great things to love in Germany.

Large Golden Beers
1. Beer and Beer Gardens

History of beer making in Germany goes back to the monasteries in the first millennium, and Germans are still masters at the craft of brewing beer. They also offer beer gardens nestled into forest settings, often with a playground for the kids.

Barbara with a tiny old BMW Mini
2. Cars

Engineering, manufacturing, and pride as a craftsman are very important here. Undoubtedly, Germany produces great cars with powerful engines, and we enjoy seeing the different models available here.

Waitress with 8 large beers in Germany
3. Festivals
Spooky clouds over Nanstein Castle
4. Castles

Both moody and dark, or fairy tale and elaborate, Germany has a range of amazing castles to visit.

Walking path through trees, one of 8 great things to love in Germany
5. Walking and Biking Paths
Farmers Market, one of 8 great things to love in Germany
6. Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are indeed a staple in each neighborhood, with seasonal fruits, vegetables, gourds, flowers, olives, and homemade pastas and breads.

Bus and Coffee Shop at Bus Stop
7. Public Transportation

Not only clean but also mostly reliable city trains, long-distance trains, and buses are available at a reasonable cost. The option to take public transportation here is great for not having to find parking, and no chance of drinking and driving.

Flea Market table with variety of treasures, one of 8 great things to love in Germany
8. Flea Markets

Winter is coming, and when it rains every single day in November, we will remember our 8 great things to love in Germany. 😜

Rob and Barbara at Beer Garden in Germany


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